Gen Y vs Gen X

Gen Y vs Gen X

There is a marked variation in the financial choices of   the two generations as these are a function of their ages and eco-systems


Financial focus

Gen Y: Loves to spend. Buys things on credit.Travel is the new passion. Prefers to rent.

Gen X: Focused on saving. Avoided loans. Travel spend was negligible.

Goals Gen Y: Focus on short-term goals like gadgets, Travel, cars. House, retirement not on the radar.

Gen X: Buying a house, retirement and children’s education and wedding.

Investing Gen Y: Open to experimenting. Investing in mutual funds, but also in traditional debt instruments.

Gen X: Closed-minded. Chose conservative fixed deposits, PPF and traditional insurance plans.


Gen Y: Higher disposable income. High spend on travel, gadgets, apparel, eating out. Gen X: Household expenses. Minimal discretionary spend.


Gen Y: Loves job-hopping. Part of gig economy. Flexibility in work hours and location. Gen X: Stability was critical. 9-5 jobs. Stuck to a job for long term.

Insurance Gen Y: Increasing awareness for term plan in , but being young in age, don’t think about health insurance plans.

Gen X: Bought traditional life insurance plans as investment. No concept of term plan. Some bought health insurance.

Financial tech Gen Y: Tech-savvy. Almost all financial transactions are online. Gen X: Not very tech-savvy. Graduating to online transaction

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